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Factory Strikes at Binh Duong Province in Vietnam

May 14th, 2014 | Posted by Michael Hermens

I was just informed by one of my colleagues in Ho Chi Ming City that some Vietnamese workers are on strike at factories located at Binh Duong Province. They are apparently targeting Chinese owned factories in protest to mainland China’s aggressive behavior towards the South Sea waters which, China argues, belongs to them. I am not much into such politics but what worries me is that any strike in Vietnam is normally to be approved by the government’s labor department. And strangely enough in this case they target any Chinese owned factory regardless if the owners are from China, Malaysia, Singapore or Taiwan. Personally I believe that political matters need to be discussed and solved at government levels and they should not use other means to force their views. It will only results in reduced confidence by foreign investors in Vietnam and push more manufacturing business towards other South East Asian countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.VN

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