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This is the heading of a recent media release by the New Zealand Timber Industry Federation Inc. in which they claim that the number of logs exported (mainly to Chain and India) are twice as high as the volume of logs processed domestically. Many sawmills experience downtime and production losses because they are unable to buy enough logs (at reasonable prices). They also mentioned that the sawmilling industry has lost over 3000 jobs since 2008 and is at great risk of losing many more.
I am not sure why they release this “news” now as many of us know this has been going on for many years; as matter of fact I have been highlighting this fact in many articles in various publications. My question to the New Zealand sawmilling industry is; what are you going to do about this? Why you are not more united and force your government to take action? Most of your forefathers used to be emigrants pioneers who worked very hard to establish the basis of today’s industry. They were fighters and left no stone unturned to survive but it seems today’s generation of saw millers has lost that skill?